O U R   S C O P E   &   P H I L O S O P H Y

FHD Architects is an architecture and design firm that aims to immerse

the visitors and dwellers into the wilderness of the designed place.

We focus on the natural environment that becomes the basis

upon which the architectural concept is developed.


“We like things that are unconcluded yet intriguingly surprising;

the jump into this void of discovery will keep us at the epitome

of rising technologies in construction and design.


We believe that architecture moves through nature as much as

nature moves through architecture.

For us, the real architects are the authors of the dweller’s journey,

through their expertise,  feelings can be touched.

Therefore, we make sure to tailor make every detail in accordance to every individual.”


O U R   P R O C E S S

Quote from Our Founder

“Your talent shines with your ability to take anything given to you to the next level” -Gaelle


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