08004 Apartment – Spain

08004 Apartment – Spain

El Poble-Sec – Barcelona, 2020

Area: 76 sqm
Status: Built
Scope: Concept, design, detailing and site supervision
Style: Minimalistic and Elegant

Focus: Versatile Apartment Layout

08004 Apartment is located in a housing block in El Poble-Sec, Barcelona. In order to maximize the incoming light, most of the walls have been demolished, creating only a block in the middle, and separations for the guest bedroom, conserving a clean corridor on the entrance, and an open kitchen-living space. The focus on the squared box, the bathroom, which would usually be a mundane function, is emphasized on in this house, with the textures around it, the concrete finish from the outside with mirrors to reflect more light, and a black interior creating a surprising theatrical appeal.

We decided to preserve some of the traditional aspect of the apartment by keeping the thick window framing on the façade and continuing the pattern on the upper part of the separation main bedroom-living space, in order to communicate more light between them.

The partitions are flexible, they rotate and slide to one side, which strips down the spaces from boundaries, so two spaces, two different functions, become one. With that notion, the bedroom now has a visual access to the facing wall containing a projection, and the whole apartment is washed with natural light from the eastern façade.
The user controls the functions of the space by separating or unifying both areas depending on their need.