Elie Matta Jewelry – Lebanon

Elie Matta Jewelry – Lebanon

Naccache – Lebanon, 2020

Area: 100 sqm
Status: On hold
Scope: Concept, design, detailing and site supervision
Style: Minimalism

Indisputably, this jewelry shop on the ground floor of an old residential building is an instant eye-catcher and arouses one’s curiosity. Customers entering these premises through its doorway surrounded by striking cantilevered window display will encounter a homely atmosphere that radiates tremendous serenity and calamity – an effect further enhanced by the various shades of an earthy color palette; beiges and greys used in the ceiling, walls and floor.

The window display is iterated throughout the choice of reflective metals and transparencies reveling hints of interior, thus emphasizing on the visual permeability between inside/outside and making the space look larger than it actually is.

Elie Matta Jewelry Showroom is designed in a way that features superb interaction between space, light and color and transports customers to another world alluding to their philosophy of jewelry making.