Generations in Kfifane – Lebanon

Generations in Kfifane – Lebanon

Kfifane – Lebanon, 2020

Status: Unbuilt
In collaboration with Karim Nader Studio

Nasr house has hosted many generations for over 100 years. It was built by phases through each of these generations following the Lebanese Traditional house; cubic stone shaped core and pitched brick roof which was never built.

The intervention needed to respect the outer typology and bring back the whole generation patch-work into a harmonious outcome.

With a subtle move, the parapet continuously and harmoniously wraps around the house, creating a clean top edge. On top of it, lays a wild roof garden terrace.

As an opportunity to recompose a fragment of the village and continue the traditional typology, an allusion of the pitched roof in metal wires drops down towards the edges creating a fun play with slopes. The latter will be a hub for climber plants to start casting shadows underneath in density throughout the years and seasons covering the roof garden terrace.