Lama Hourani Jewelry – China

Lama Hourani Jewelry – China

Jing’an Sculpture Park – China, 2020

Project mentioned in ELLE Deco China, Wallpaper* China, AD China

Status: Built

The design intervention implicated is subtle and encompasses Lama’s philosophy of creation.
We chose to highlight Art combining rough with delicate, dynamic with fluid, contemporary with vintage, natural with
architectural and dark with light accentuating the displayed eccentric and handmade aspect of the jewelry pieces.
We will take you on a trip where duality will feel more homogeneous than opposing.

We want to invoke a Zen feeling and bring in the nature and art of Jing’an Sculpture Park.
The inspiration for the Garden was one of the client’s favorite artist and sculptor Constantin Brâncusi with the use of earthy Terracotta and stones.
The guest will be received with the serenity of natural hues contemplating some temporary or permanent sculptures spread around.
A sweet escape from the city with a hindering surprise at the entrance.
A sculpture wrapping around the window display giving a proper introduction to what awaits the client from the starting point of his cultural discovery the journey till its end.
This statue is inspired by Herbet Hamak where the material and texture experimentation merge.

The Reception’s white and off-white palette acts as a preparation hub for the coming transition.
The use of white Terracotta Tiles, creates a suspense effect through with the glimpses the eye can catch through the porous membrane.

The Design room (terrazzo) is designed to cater to Lama’s reflection overlooking nature through the glass façade.
It is also a room where Lama associates her client’s character and identity with her collectibles “ready-to-wear” jewelry.

Just like Lama’s Jewelry the Fine Jewelry Room (emerald) is a statement room.
With its eccentric and artisan molds carrying the jewelry boxes, we emphasize on the “wabi-sabi” concept; a traditional Japanese aesthetic centering on the acceptance of transience and imperfection.
The molded blocks as well as the massive porous concrete table will be hand crafted embracing nature’s hazardous resulting imprints.
We merged the manufactured material with Mineral Crystals, Emerald Stones and Marbles, to blur the lines between what is man-made and what is organic.
The generating sensatory experience will not only be on the visual aspect but also on somatosensory varying between rough, unfinished to smooth and light textures while invoking empowerment, elegance and grandeur.