Maison Immersive – Lebanon

Maison Immersive – Lebanon

Chekka – Lebanon, 2022

Area: 467 sqm
Status: Under construction
Scope: Concept, design, detailing and site supervision
Style: Modern and Industrial

Focus: Bringing nature in

Sergio, a young entrepreneur living in Africa, always wanted a house of peace back in his homeland, Lebanon.

A house where he can come and clear his mind on vacation, a house where he can continuously feel connected to nature and a house that he can interact with, therefore the name; Maison Immersive.

Nature was brought in to the house in several aspects: visual connection with the outside, open plan, large windows and the choice of earthy materials and color scheme: recalling the cycle of the 5 elements; water controls fire (blue and red),fire controls metal (metal), metal controls wood (wood), wood controls earth (green and greeneries), earth controls water.