Maison Immersive – Lebanon

Maison Immersive – Lebanon

Chekka – Lebanon, 2022

Area: 467 sqm
Status: Under construction
Scope: Concept, design, detailing and site supervision
Style: Modern and Industrial

Focus: Bringing nature in

Sergio, a young entrepreneur from Africa, has always dreamed of having a peaceful retreat in his homeland, Lebanon. He envisioned a place where he could unwind and reconnect with nature, which led him to create Maison Immersive.

To bring the outdoors inside, we incorporated various elements of nature into the design, including an open plan layout, large windows, and earthy materials and colors. The choice of colors was inspired by the cycle of the five elements, where water controls fire (represented by blue and red), fire controls metal (represented by metal), metal controls wood (represented by wood), wood controls earth (represented by green and plants), and earth controls water.

Maison Immersive is not just a vacation home, but a place where Sergio can feel at one with nature and immerse himself in its beauty.