Maison Sereine – Lebanon

Maison Sereine – Lebanon

Chekka – Lebanon, 2022

Area: 497 sqm
Status: Unbuilt
Scope: Concept, design and detailing
Style: Modern, minimal and timeless

Focus: Zen ambiance

Maison Sereine truly lives up to its name. A young couple, both consultants based in Dubai, sought to transform this 90s villa into a serene summer retreat in their hometown. The result is an immersive sensory experience that blends light and shade, textures and patterns, and linear and curvy elements.

The house has been thoughtfully designed with an informal layout that encourages exploration. Visitors are guided along a meandering path that reveals various predetermined areas, each with its own surprises. From the garden and the Mediterranean beach to the iconic Chekka mountain, every turn provides a new and breathtaking view.

The interplay between open and enclosed spaces, as well as the use of different textures and patterns, creates a tranquil atmosphere that allows the couple to escape the stresses of their hectic lives. Maison Sereine is not just a house, but a peaceful oasis where the couple can unwind and reconnect with their surroundings.