Maison Sereine – Lebanon

Maison Sereine – Lebanon

Chekka – Lebanon, 2022

Area: 497 sqm
Status: Unbuilt
Scope: Concept, design and detailing
Style: Modern, minimal and timeless

Focus: Zen ambiance

Maison Sereine, is a house that reflects its name.

Being overwhelmed by their hectic life, a young newly married couple of consultants living in Dubai requested to turn this 90’s villa into their summer getaway in their hometown.

The experience of the house combines a complete sensory experience with the union of light and shade, open and enclosed spaces, textures and patterns and linear and curvy elements.

The underlying informal layout of the house was carefully amended into a modelled path which leads to predetermined areas but lets them explore the space for themselves. The perspective along the path is always ensuring a view, whether of the exterior garden, or the mediterranean beach, or the famous Chekka mountain, or of the designed elements of surprise spread in each room.