RAG Villa – Lebanon

RAG Villa – Lebanon

Ghbaleh- Lebanon, 2022

Project in collaboration with G.Architects

Site Area: 726 sqm
Villa Area: 460 sqm
Status: Under construction

RAG villa unveils in a gradual descent on the slope that transforms through the site into a strong vegetated, cliff-like formation.

The Pavilion, covered by the landscape’s natural stone, welcomes you from the main road’s side before it completely opens up with sliding glass panels towards the landscape framing the exterior panorama. You can enjoy a fully fledged leisure space with the total experience of the site, at 360 degrees, with a zen garden, an outdoor fireplace and a jacuzzi.

The mid level holds the cozy and intimate spaces, where all bedrooms have a continuous loop of circulation to the naturally formed landscape allowing to experience the different garden types, uninterrupted; zen, private, vegetated, tropical accessing also the pool level.

The pool level is the Social Hub that merges art appreciation and nature appreciation.

It is a natural invitation to the extraverted house celebrating its openness with high level ceilings and transparent planes.