R Offices – Kuwait

R Offices – Kuwait

Kuwait, 2020

Style: Neoclassic, Elegant, Contemporary

Having seen the morphology of the R Tower, our approach for the interior is to bring in the same elegance and manifest its effects. For the Prime Office, we used a mix of rough and soft earthy materials. This duality will enhance the energy by stimulating the somatosensory experience focusing on femininity, purity and refinement

On the entrance, a luxurious introduction of the space strives to establish balance between past and future. The bygone romantic era with its neoclassical proportions is reinterpreted with essentially slick, streamlined forms.

The Office was split into three sections. Towards the extremities lays from one side the desk/working area ornamented with brass shelving and carved oak wood murals lit as an imposing spectacle. On the other side, lays the grand meeting table with its precious marble murals and a sculptural chandelier made out of reflective art rounded mirrors, capturing nearby objects and multiplying them to infinity.
In the middle spans two rounded seating areas enclosed by permeable and pivoting travertino separation and linked with a cluster of shooting stars falling down from the neo-classical ceiling.