Rosalia’s Residence – Spain

Rosalia’s Residence – Spain

Poble Nou – Spain, 2020

Recognition: article for ELISAVA school of architecture and design
Area: 340 sqm
Style: Industrial minimalist

In her music, Rosalía blends genres and therefore offers a modern spin on the traditional Spanish flamenco, that represents her cultural background. The ideology of her work will be translated into the space she and her family will live in.

For many centuries, Poblenou was famous for its lagoons and rushes. It is also a district where old factories and local life coexist,and nowadays, the factory morphs into habitation. In this project, Rosalia’s home will reflect how she approaches music; preserving and valuing heritage by offering a modern twist. And this twist will constitute the outrageous in the mundane.

The house will incorporate the heritage of Poblenou to fully immerse the users in the experience. Nature will be cohabiting the users through the elements of greenery and water_the LAGOON, which will be in the center, defining the core of the house, and around it will take place other everyday events, such as eating, sleeping, gathering etc. The industrial identity will be preserved and treated to adapt to a home space through materials like metal and concrete, and smooth partitions like curtains, that remind us of the first textile industries that helped develop Poblenou.