UKN Office/Loft – Ukraine

UKN Office/Loft – Ukraine

Kiev – Ukraine, 2020

Style: Industrial, Modern

Status: Partially Built

Our warehouse’s located zone in Kiev is industrial. Knowing that our clients own three separate companies, we decided to create an office/headquarters that acts as a joint for all three different companies.
We were able to achieve this by taking a part of the upper warehouse’s floor where we created a loft that overlooks the industrial machines.

In order to make the entrance of the office noticeable, shielded and inviting; we decided to create a metallic box encompassing the staircase along with some directing lit greeneries on the ground floor.

Our design approach is to highlight the aspect of the warehouse emphasizing on its industrial aspect, while creating an overall wow effect in the interior.

The visitor going through the experience of moving from the ground floor up through the metal box, will be surprised to see the elegant setting of the office that is somehow unveiling as a loft.

the choices of materials describe the personality traits of our clients; we wanted to show the robust and manly feel by including several rough earthy textures and dark color palette with a touch of greeneries.
The general feeling exerted is twisted warmth, coziness, fun, grandeur and dynamic.